Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is It a Product?

I recently made a revision to to the Development Kit PCB, and I’ve been testing out the revised prototypes. Everything is looking good so far. I didn’t need the circuit changes for my own use -– at worst, I could cut-and-jumper any of the PC boards I would want. This is the latest in a string of actions that only make sense if I turn the WebCell into a product.

Earlier in the summer I spent a fair amount of time creating simple web pages to demonstrate the I/O capabilities of the WebCell. Then I started writing a manual (a scary big project!). None of these things are stuff I would need to do just to keep using it around the house, but I could chalk it up to keeping myself occupied.

That changed when I decided to spend money on product development. Paying to have a new PCB fabricated and assembled is one example. I also upgraded my version of Help & Manual to make writing the documentation easier.

Yes, I would like to make the WebCell into a product if I can tackle all the hurdles. At this point I don’t know that I can, because what needs to be done isn’t what I’m good at. Writing documentation. Creating more web pages. Making the web pages I have look professional. Maybe I will find a contractor to help out (spending money again!).

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