Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Change of Schedule

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last update. I have continued to work on developing the WebCell into a product. I’ve used a few contractors from to help with specific things, like make icons for the CellScript Simulator. But I’ve spent the most time on a total rewrite of the web pages for home automation.

The home automation web pages are no longer generated by running CellScript code on the WebCell. They create their content themselves with JavaScript by using a web service written in CellScript on the WebCell as the source of data. The web service provides an interface to the WebCell scheduler, which tracks things like thermostat settings and irrigation times.

With this rewrite I also recently completed a web page that for the first time provides access to a feature that the scheduler has had from the beginning – the ability to schedule a change of schedule. Here’s how I put it to use:

I have thermostat schedules called “Home” and “Away”. The Home schedule changes the temperature setting each morning and evening; the Away schedule is basically set to turn the system off, with the heat set to 55° and the cooling set to 85°. I was leaving town for a week, but my son-in-law was staying at my house for an additional night, so I set the Away schedule to start at 8AM the next day. I also set the Home schedule to start in the morning on the day I get back. So now I get to save energy when nobody is in the house, but it will be a comfortable temperature when I return.